Diamond GH-982

Diamond 982 after grooming2Diamond 982 after GroomingRIP Big Beautiful Girl ~ 2006 to 2016 (9-10 years old)

It is with heavy hearts that we Diamond 982 groomeddecided to let Diamond cross the Rainbow Bridge (4-8-16) while she was undergoing surgery.

Her kind and compassionate surgeon, Dr. Roa, called from the operating room, and said, I am so sorry, but when I got inside Diamond, there was a very nasty surprise. Her large mass (she weighed 104 lbs at time of surgery) was much more than a large fatty tumor (as multiple biopsies previously reported). The mass kept going and going and was wrapped around one kidney and continued even deeper. Sadly, there was just no way surgically to get the entire tumor, and growth would certainly reoccur, making her long-term outlook bleak. The culprit…cancer (most likely Liposarcoma).

Diamond was with GoldHeart and her foster family just 6 weeks to the day, and before that, she lived in loving homes, which were hit with life challenges and sadly, could no longer care for her. A dog well loved is a sheer joy to welcome into a foster home, and she captured everyone’s hearts instantly, became her foster mom’s shadow, enjoyed her three new foster fur siblings, and talk about love at first sight, she had that with foster-brother Duke, who is about the same age. Duke (GH-551) and she played tug of war with toys and could cover the house with dozens of stuffed animals in an instant. They both enjoyed chasing rabbits and squirrels, going on walks, and even were starting to revisit physical puppy-play. Duke was also Diamond’s “comfort” dog for riding in vehicles and was with her on her last ride. She got to the Vet and was greeting everyone with smiles, wiggles and tail wags…not nervous at all. Diamond was one of the best foster pups to cross our threshold…an absolute delight! Our wish was to find Diamond her own forever home where she would be top dog.

Making the decision to let her go was one of life’s hardest moments, but to delay the inevitable to spend more time with her (months if we were lucky) would not have been in her best interest…with cancer there is usually pain and our fur-kids always try to be tough for us and cannot tell us when it hurts. As the poem “A Dog’s Plea” concludes…”Please see that my trusting life is taken gently…” and that is what we did.

To all that donated towards her medical bills, please know she left this world a very happy and mostly pain-free girl, and collectively GoldHeart protected this sweet lady from enduring the pain that eventually would have come along at some point soon. Diamond is now running and jumping, tumor free, alongside so many other beloved fur-kids. We are confident she quickly found her forever family at the Rainbow Bridge, where she will be treated like a princess and always get to be #1.

Sweet, sweet Diamond (Di-Di), you will be so missed! Even in our short time together, you gave us more gifts than we did you – thank you! Your paw prints will forever be etched on our hearts.

The Martinez Family


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