Penny1 Penny2Best we can tell Penny was 17 years, 10 months, and 4 days young when she crossed over the Rainbow Bridge (1/6/16).  She wasn’t officially a GoldHeart dog, but she was crucial in the successful fostering of virtually dozens of Golden Retrievers.  She was the queen of the house and she quickly taught each foster dog the do’s and don’ts of their new temporary home.

The way Penny came to us is a story in itself.  She was a stray that we witnessed running across 6 lanes of traffic during rush hour.  It was a minor miracle that she made it across unscathed.  We whipped a U-turn and found her huddling in the bushes in Lake Forest mall in front of the JC Pennys store.  She had a collar, but no tags.  We called Montgomery County Animal Control and waited until they picked her up.  Ten days later no one had claimed her, so we adopted her.   Her coming into our home brought our dog count to 4, but we were unwilling to leave her future to fate.   She was a sweetheart and she will be sorely missed.

RIP Sweet Penny

The Williams Family

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