Olive GH-773

Olive gh773 olive gh773_2We lost our sweet golden, Olive, on November 27, 2015.  She was 12 years old and lived with us for three and a half years.  After waiting so many working years to have a dog, I was ready when my call came from Goldheart.  Olive was more than I had hoped she would be—a sweet, blonde beauty born in Barcelona.

She was a Velcro girl; my constant companion.  We shared many walks in the woods, car trips, and visits to parks.  Olive taught me many things including the pleasure of simply sitting together and enjoying nature. She was charming: Olive approached people, tail wagging, and would “say”, “I like you. Do you like me?  Want to pet me?”  When Herb returned from work each night she ran to greet him, presenting a toy.

On warm nights Olive loved to go outside for an hour where she would monitor the woods from our deck and give voice if deer or other wild creatures came into her territory.  Yet she showed anger only toward the fox who occasionally visited our yard in the wee hours. Though she would be asleep in our bedroom, she would somehow detect his presence and become furious.

We miss Olive’s companionship, her big round eyes following our every move, her soft ears and so much more, but we take comfort in memories of her and the joy she brought us.

Bev Clevidence and Herb Weiss


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