Cora GH-579


The Story of a Foster Failure

This is the write-up I prepared and posted on the Goldheart website hoping that we would find the perfect home for Cora.

“Cora is a lovely 8 year old middle aged “lady” who will be a great companion in a quiet home. She is absolutely tickled when the grandkids come to visit and ever so happy to have a nap after they go home. She has terrific house manners and never made a misstep while living with her foster family. She is ok in the house for a work day but would really like someone to be home most of the time. She is a little anxious with thunderstorms and other loud noises but has not shown extreme anxiety or destructive behavior. She just looks for a little reassurance.  


Cora was recently spayed and had some much needed dental work done. The combination of dental work, good food, moderate exercise, and medication (two times a day) for her under active thyroid has allowed Cora to blossom into a beautiful middle age golden “lady”. She is trim, her coat is silky and her teeth sparkle. I won’t be surprised to see her modeling for a “total body makeover” reality show. Her tail is still a bit sparse. We don’t know why. However her personality more than makes up for her sparse tail, and of course there is the benefit of a bit less golden hair to vacuum. Cora tested positive for Lyme Disease when she came into rescue which was resolved with medication.

Cora wants to please and when she knows what is expected she is very happy to oblige. She has been known to make herself at home on the couch from time to time and will give up her space when asked. During the day she will be wherever you are, even moseying down to the laundry room just to make sure you haven’t gone away without her. If she can ride along to do errands she will be the perfect back seat passenger.  

Cora seldom barks but will say hello to people coming to visit and give a hello bark to neighborhood runners/walkers when they pass by the yard. If you should slip out of the yard Cora will bark a bit to remind you that she is there waiting for you. Cora is an easy girl to live with. She just needs good food and veterinary care, moderate exercise (no power walks for this gal) and lots of love. I believe she is the perfect retirement companion.”Cora 579 (3)

And that was the beginning of the story. SoonCora 579 (4) after the write-up was posted I started to receive inquiries and just as soon realized that I wanted Cora to stay with me. Valentine’s Day was approaching, I knew that this pup had a tight hold on my heart and that I wasn’t willing to let go.

It was confirmed when another Goldheart volunteer suggested that Cora and I should be together because we looked so bonded…LaDonna said we walked alike!

The next six years just flew by and many dogs came in and out of our door. Cora was the constant, a faithful, smiling, loving and happy dog.  Slowly time began to take its toll. Cora’s great disposition stayed the same but her wagging tail and smile seemed to be fading away. Cora went to the Rainbow Bridge a few days before Christmas 2015, just shy of her fourteenth birthday.

I am looking forward to meeting her again at the bridge and hope that finally my heart will mend.

–Beth March

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