Oliver GH-949

OliverI Love my Forever Home!

Oliver’s foster family is singing, “I’d do anything, for you dear anything, for you mean everything to me!”  (from the musical Oliver). Yes, that can only mean one thing…Oliver’s foster family and fur-brother cannot face the future without him! This gorgeous, gentle and super sweet (now 11 month old) Golden Retriever-Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix won’t be going anywere and was adopted by his foster family – Congratulations Ollie!

Ollie’s Mom was a  beautiful honey gold 75 lb. golden, and Dad was a black and white Cavalier, probably not more than 20 lbs – so this is where Ollie got his stunning wavy black coat.  Talk about blending two fun-loving breeds, even if it was an accident! Ollie is the biggest of the four pups rescued by GoldHeart weighing in closer to 44 lbs. Like his sisters, he is still growing, but we don’t imagine he will exceed 55-60 lbs, but only time will tell.

Ollie and TexasHere is a picture of Ollie,  with Texas – his foster, and now forever big brother.  As reported by his family, this is about as far away from Texas as Ollie ventures.


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