Nica GH-474

NicaI have shared my life with many animals, I have mourned the passing of each one, knowing the only way to work past the grief is to remember and honor the life of your friend by rescuing another friend.  

When I contacted Goldheart, it was as much for my remaining dog, Max, as it was for me, after his Golden girlfriend, Riley, passed. The joy had left him, and I was no help. When I went to Barb’s house, to meet Nica, there were 7 Goldens there and I told her that now I knew what heaven would be like.

Nica was perfect! She brightened our world. She was a clown, a sock thief, a hunter, a perfect little sister, a comedian, a drama queen, she loved everyone and she soon had a huge fan club.  

Her passing this winter was sudden and unfair. I draw comfort knowing that she is again with Max.

I see them running and strong and I smile.

Cathy Peters, Nica’s Forever Mom

Here is a picture of Nica in all her glory at Barb’s  — looking beautiful, waiting for Cathy to come adopt her!

Nica into GH


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