Zeus GH-821

The day I met Zeus, he put my entire hand in his zeusmouth. He didn’t bite down, but he wanted to make sure we would take him home. I’m so glad we did, because once he let go of my hand, he held on to my whole heart. He had the most beautiful and expressive eyes, and the most ferocious bark of any dog I’ve heard. If you heard it and didn’t know him you would definitely be afraid. But, his bark simply matched the size of his heart.

He wasn’t a typical Golden in that he would not chase or fetch anything you threw. He would just look at you as if he thought it was the dumbest game ever invented. He wagged his tail incessantly when he was happy, which was most of the time. He liked our cat Frady more than he liked other dogs, although, he came to love and appreciate everyone in his pack. He was a wonderful addition to our family and an absolute joy to be around.

Every day I try to reconcile the joys of pet ownership with the sorrow of loss of a beloved companion and friend. Most days I just can’t. I simply have to remember the everyday smiles brought about by the love of and love for our companions, and that it is enough to endure the heartache, today and always.


You will be missed my friend. Thank you for rescuing me…we are blessed beyond all measure.


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