Kimba GH-843 (FTA)

Kimba Marie Gott and Family

Oh Happy Day! Kimba Marie Gott, Age 8, is officially adopted and in her Forever Home! Getting there took a lot of support from Goldheart, TLC from her FTA home, another GH Foster Home, and three veterinary practices!  After coming into the Foster to Adopt (FTA) Program in July 2013, we learned Kimba needed an ACL repair, she had several lumps and bumps that needed to be removed, and she desperately needed her teeth cleaned. We also later learned she had mild hip dysplasia, and is part of the daily Dasuquin club now. On top of all this, she needed to drop 15-20 lbs (and we are happy to report, she is almost there! Go Girl!). After successful surgeries and rehab, she is now in her forever home enjoying her boys, and a large one acre fenced yard. Kimba is a real sweetheart, and her journey to wellness and her new home has touched us all.


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