Bryce GH-436

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We lost our precious Bryce today, November 13, 2013. We were lucky enough to have him as part of our family for 6 ½ wonderful years. We were asked to foster him in July 2007, but the minute we picked him up at the vet we knew he had found his forever home. He was a perfect match for us. His battle with cancer was quick, and the fluid in his abdomen made moving and breathing very uncomfortable. We said goodbye before it started in his lungs. We didn’t want him to have any pain or suffering. We wanted him to have only the great memories that he gave us: learning to swim in the Chesapeake Bay, dancing with the waves at Rehoboth Beach, sitting around the campfire, chasing deer and squirrels, playing with his Pooh Bear, and sleeping on the bed with his head on the pillow. Life won’t be the same without Bryce, but we know he won’t suffer anymore. Thank you, GoldHeart, for sharing this precious dog with us. We will miss you Brycee-boo.

Brenda and Scott Finkle

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