Georgia, November 2012This sweet little girl had a cyst removed from her head.  However, further tests revealed more problems.   The vet noticed a very large hard fibrous mass on her left shoulder.  We decided that the mass needed to be tested for presence of cancerous cells.  The test came back positive for a very aggressive tumor that gave her an estimated 6 months to live.

Georgia was the sweetest, most loving dog that we’ve ever met. Her condition was slowly getting worse but you would not know it by her actions.  It did not stop her one little bit.  She was such a breath of fresh air.  She infused a lively energy and happiness into our home.  She was just so happy to see us each time we came in the door.  She would wag her tail and make the cutest little noise.   She had a zest for life and it definitely inspired us to cherish each day.   We will always love you.

Hugs and kisses….


Foster Parents
Eric and Beth Kearney


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