Apache (GH767) & Carson (GH768)

Apache & Carson have found their forever home!

Here is a nearly matched pair to make your home complete. Carson is a very sweet, gentle, playful ~75 pound 9 year old spayed female Golden. She is a beautiful lady who will add a ray of sunshine to your family.  She loves attention and getting and giving lots of love. She is pretty active for a 9 year old. She walks well on a leash.  She loves to play fetch and will bring a ball back to you and let you take it from her mouth. Carson has glaucoma in her left eye, is blind in that eye and needs eye drops daily.

Apache is also very sweet and gentle ~100 lbs neutered male.  He is not as active a Carson but he does love to play fetch.  He just walks to get the ball and he too will let you take the ball from his mouth.  They are both excellent in the car and love to go with you wherever you go.  Both have a history of untreated/under-treated ear infections, have thickening of the ear lobes and will have to be monitored to keep from getting further ear damage.

Both love to play with our 2 year old (Krystal) for short periods and will end up ganging up on Krystal.  Both are house trained.  They have not chewed things that they should not chew but will chew/eat paper within their reach.  They are great with other dogs and strangers as they both are very affectionate.  Neither gets on the furniture.  They show no panic to thunderstorms or other loud noise, display no anxiety when left alone, and very rarely bark. They are unknown around kids or cats.  These two have been together their whole lives (we believe that they are siblings), are extremely bonded and MUST be adopted as a pair.

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