Rocky GH-560 & Tucker GH-561

On June 8th of this year, we lost our beloved Rocky to a two year battle with cancer. We were devastated, even though we knew for a long time what was in store for him and for us. Rocky was also a rescue and we had him for 5 years. Then, one day, he is gone. And it changed our lives, we thought, forever. We were overcome with grief. But Rocky’s passing brought us straight to GoldHeart. I couldn’t bear his absence any longer and went online in hopes of finding another Golden Retriever, not to replace Rocky, but to fill the emptiness I felt since he left us. I searched several sites, but to no avail. Then I found GoldHeart. I looked under available adoptions and just a few stories down the page, I saw him! And I don’t believe that it was coincidental that his name was Rocky. I saw my Rocky in his big, beautiful face, and I cried. God had brought me here, not just for myself, but for this beautiful Golden who needed to be loved. As I read about him, I saw that he had a brother. Once again, I felt there was a purpose in all this, and so I immediately set out to adopt these two boys.

Even though the wait was short, it seemed an eternity, awaiting for my reply. In a matter of days, we had a home visit, the adoption was approved, and the following Friday, GoldHeart brought Rocky and Tucker home! Happiness once again filled our home. We will always miss and love our other Rocky, but now the pain has been laid to rest. Thank you GoldHeart for allowing us the privilege of giving our hearts, our home and our love to Rocky (GH-560) and Tucker (GH-561).

Linda, Andy and Josh

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