When we lost our adored dog, Spirit (GH-223), to cancer in May, we knew we would have to find a companion for our six year old, Ozzy, who was sitting by the door by the hour waiting for Spirit to return. We asked GoldHeart to be on the lookout for a younger dog needing a foster-to-adopt home. Moe (GH- 483) came into our lives and we all fell in love, including Ozzy. Moe was a true rescue, coming to GoldHeart with severe worms, fleas, and starvation. His initial vet visits revealed very poor joints, the worst being a front elbow that was causing constant pain. During Moe’s first month with us, he had a large piece of bone removed from the elbow joint and is recovering beautifully. Ozzy is teaching him some “devil dog” tricks such as licking dishes in the dishwasher, stealing the tea towels, and eating mulch, and some “good dog” traits including swimming. We are so happy to have found our Moe.

Linda and Merv Mawhinney

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