It is with great difficulty I write this email, it is hard through the tears. I had to let my wonderful little “Happy Harry” go tonight. He was having difficulty breathing, the tumors on the sides of his neck now were impeding his breathing and he could not eat. The vet also said that she thought his skin looked a little yellow so the cancer may have invaded his liver as well, or I thought maybe the Palladia. He was not himself early this morning, and was refusing meds, and all food this afternoon. He was laying around in the Phoenix position with his head down and eyes half closed, and even braunsweiger he would turn his head away. Poor baby tried to eat a tiny piece on one of his favorites on the way to the vet tonight, vienna sausages, but gagged on that. Moving him really distressed his breathing, and the vet said we could give him pain meds, but it was not going to take care of the problem, the tumors had grown to a point that she could not even see down his throat. The lawww tumor on the other side of his neck came on fast and furious and had become frighteningly large in just a few days. My baby boy is at peace now, and my heart is broken. I am hoping he is at the bridge chasing his butterflies the way he use to love doing, and had not been able to much this summer because of the one tumor on the side of his neck.

I got Harry when he was 7 months old, the breeder decided he was too large to show, at 7 months he was already larger than his mother. He was always a loving little guy, and just so beautiful, even in death tonight he was beautiful, and it was hard knowing that tail of his would no longer wag for me. Harry has been an amazing little dog with his cancer, and we were only given 2 months – 200 days. Well today marked 13 months 5 days. He fought hard and valiantly against this beast, but now today, he was tired, and the cancer was winning, and the light was gone out of his beautiful eyes, I could not see him struggle any longer than he had too. I don’t know how I am going to make it thru the days ahead without my Happy little guy, Harry your Mommy misses you, we tried sweetheart, we really tried and did well for quite some time. You will always be Mommy’s hero, with your brave little spirit. Be happy and at peace at the bridge baby boy, and you and Maisey can play together again, your struggle is over. I miss and love you so much.


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