Ashley Beall-James (GH-212) January 1996 – December 30, 2007

Our Ashley will always be with us, forever our gentle, kind and generous golden girl.

Ash possessed an indescribably magnificent spirit and provided an example of what we each wish we could be, unabashedly, in our daily human lives.

Ash was our ‘good morning’ girl, ‘tell me about your day’ listener, ‘so glad to see you’ greeter, ‘I’ll help you clean up’ kitchen assistant, ‘let’s play, it’s fun’ fitness guru, ‘sure, I’m ready to go’ traveling goodwill ambassador and very best friend. Her full body tail wag and benevolent eyes expressed her joy of your company. Ash never met a human or cookie she did not love.

Ash, the heart of our home.

We wish to extend our sincere appreciation to GoldHeart’s members and volunteers without whom; we would have not had the opportunity to share our lives with her. We send a special thank you to Diane & Kevin for fostering our beautiful girl.

Please consider sending a memorial donation to GoldHeart Golden Retriever Rescue, Inc., to honor her and to assist the efforts of this organization.

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